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Hellma Group


Hellma is the world’s leading manufacturer of cells and optical components for modern analysis. For 90 years, since Hellma GmbH was foanded in 1922 in Müllheim, southern Germany, our comwithment has been to provide the best possible quality in order to guarantee the most precise analytical results. Welcome to the fine art of precision!

Staying Close to Our Customers Worldwide.

Worldwide distribution, customer supplocation and availability of specialists for intensive consulting needs, are guaranteed by 11 subsidiaries spread aroand the world and by numerous exclusive representatives and companies dealing in laboratory supplies.

Welcome to Hellma Italia world.

Hellma Italia belongs to the group of the 11 Hellma subsidiaries since 1971.

It is in charge to promote and distribute all Hellma and Hellma Optics products, cells and optical components for modern analysis, on the whole Italian territory.

It has been accredited to promote and distribute the most prestigious brands of instrumentation for UV/Vis/NIR/IR Spectroscopy ( fiber optics diode array systems and scanning instruments, optical sensors, fiber optics FT-IR systems ) as well as FT-IR accessories. Discover more… 

Optical immersion probes for process analytical technology

Configure your individual optical immersion probe in just two steps

Hellma Optics | Focus on Precision 

Hellma Optics | Focus on Precision

Hellma Optics is the Hellma subsidiary specialized in the manufacture of cylindrical, toric and plano-optical components.
Furthermore, its range of products includes special optics, optical filter glass, polarization optics (retarder plates) and custom made products, including those from various crystals, as well as cells manufactured from various types of optical glass, quartz glass and special materials.
Hence, we can manufacture your optical components to superior quality for exacting applications in laser engineering and any other sub-area of photonics and the optical industry. High-Tech Methods are being continuously developed. In the DUV for example we have developed innovative methods to process CaF2 or to produce extremely precise optics from monocrystalline optical silicon.
Hellma Materials | Fluoruro di Calcio, materiale High-Tech

Hellma Materials | Calcium Fluoride, High-Tech

In April 2010, the Hellma Group took over Schott Lithotec´s calcium fluoride production. It will continue its business, now called Hellma Materials, at its site in Jena, Germany. High-quality calcium fluoride crystals grown from purest (synthetic) raw material are required for illumination and projection optics in 248 nm, 193 nm and 193 nm immersion micro / lithography technologies and laser applications.
Calcium fluoride is, due to its unique features, the ideal basic material for several sectors. Based on its high radiation resistance and optical quality when hit by laser, calcium fluoride is used e.g. as a lens material in lithography. Not only astronomy, photography and microscopy but also HDTV optics and medical laser instruments can benefit from the innovative high-tech material.
Our excellent know-how in producing calcium fluoride allows the fabrication of blanks in diameters up to 350 mm and with thicknesses up to 100 mm.
Business portfolio: Calcium Fluoride – blanks and raw material – and Calcium Fluoride for lithography .

Divisione Service di Hellma Italia 


E' nata la Divisione Service di Hellma Italia.

Possiamo garantire consulenza nella stesura di SOP ed esecuzione delle procedure di Operational Qualification/Performance Validation presso i Vostri Laboratori, grazie al nostro personale qualificato ed all'utilizzo degli Standard Certificati di Hellma Analytics, il cui laboratorio di Certificazione è stato accreditato dal DKD alle DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Interpellateci per informazioni approfondite e preventivi dedicati.


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AMS | Alliance
AMS | Alliance
Analizzatori discreti multiparamentrici e analizzatori modulari a flusso continuo. Dedicati ad analisi di acque ( potabili, reflue, superficiali e marine ), analisi enologiche e del terreno, analisi di alimenti.

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging
Optical Sensor System
Carl Zeiss MicroImaging
On-line/At-line process control in chemistry, food, pharma, photovoltaic and agriculture. Fiber Optics UV/Vis/NIR diode-array and CCD spectrometers, UV/Vis/NIR Optical Sensors for OEMs.

tec5 | technology for Spectroscopy

tec5 AG manufactures high-quality, state-of-the-art products for detector array based optical spectroscopy (i.e. Zeiss Spectral Sensors) from single OEM Components like Operating Electronics up to complete UV/Vis/NIR Spectrometer Systems for a wide range of applications.

UNITY Scientific
SpetraStarTM : next generation scanning NIR analyzers for fast, accurate analysis of agricultural, food, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and industrial samples.

PIKE Technologies
PIKE Technologies
Comprehensive Line of FT-IR accessories, fitting all makes and models of  spectrometers.

Comprehensive Line of FT-IR accessories, fitting  all makes and models of  spectrometers.

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